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Applied social work research in maternal and child health: Instrument change

These proceedings provide the information presented at the Applied Social Work Research in Maternal and Child Health conference for professionals in social services. The conference was divided into three major content areas: enhancing social work practice, improving service delivery, and improving social work research. The first section examined the ways in which applied social work research contributes to building the knowledge and theory foundations of practice in maternal and child health. The second addressed questions of quality assurance, and the third described areas beyond technical expertise such as planning, organizing, implementing, and interpreting social work research. A final section discusses research goals and priorities in maternal and child health. [Funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau]
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Rauch JB
Philadelphia, PA: Philadelphia Regional Pediatric Pulmonary Disease Program, 1981
204 pp.
Child health, Maternal health, Research, Service delivery, and Social work
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MCHB, Project
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