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Health care delivery to meet the changing needs of the family: Proceedings of the 1977 Medical Social Consultants annual meeting

These proceedings discuss legal, social, and clinical issues in service delivery to families. Topics include the pediatrics practice, patients' rights and professional responsibility; services to children; social issues related to specific ethnic groups (black, Appalachian, Hispanic, and Native American), normal developmental aspects of the mother-infant bonding process, the newborn, crippled children's services, the use of group methods in family health settings, interdisciplinary practice, and a rationale for service to fathers. [Funded by Maternal and Child Health Services, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare]
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St. Denis GC, Doss L (Eds.)
[s.l.: Medical Social Consultants], 1977
109 pp.
Conference proceedings, Federal MCH programs, and Health services delivery
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