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Alcohol Screening Assessment in Pregnancy (ASAP2) Project: Final report

This report focuses on the Alcohol Screening Assessment in Pregnancy (ASAP2) project during the period October 1,2002, through September 30, 2005.The purpose of this project was to build on the success of the original Massachusetts ASAP Project (ASAP1) by addressing lessons learned and expanding the project to include two additional screening times during pregnancy, futher development of brief intervention protocols and tools, and patient follow-up procedures. The report , which includes an abstract, is divided into the following sections: (1) purpose of the project, (2) goals and objectives, (3) methodology, (4) evaluation, (5) results and outcomes, (6) publications and products, (7) dissemination and utilization of results, (8) future plans and follow-up, and (9) type and amount of support and resources needed to replicate. References are included. The report includes seven appendices, which encompass a pregnancy questionnaire written in several languages, screening questions, flow charts, a screening tool, marketing materials, a list of ASAP2 providers, and evaluation materials. [Funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau]
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Fogerty S, Finkelstein N
Boston, MA: Massachusetts Department of Public Health, 2006
334 pp., plus appendices.
Alcohol use during pregnancy, Assessment, Final reports, Intervention, Massachusetts, Pregnant women, Screening, and Substance abuse
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MCHB, Project
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