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ACCESS to developmental services for NICU graduates

This paper describes Project ACCESS which was designed to examine access to follow-up and early intervention services for infants at-risk when they leave newborn intensive care units (NICUs). Information gathered from six meetings in New England identify best practices and the problems in referral of NICU graduates to three groups of services: infant follow-up programs, community nursing and early intervention. Participants in the state meetings included parents, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, representatives from NICUs and state-level public health and education agencies. The project is jointly funded by the Division of Maternal and Child Health Programs, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education. [Funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau]
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Project ACCESS
Boston, MA: Wheelock College, 1985
92 pp.
Children with special health care needs, Developmental disabilities, Developmental screening, Early intervention, Followup studies, Neonatal intensive care, and Referrals
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A state-of-the-art paper of New England (Region I)
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