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My bright future: Physical activity and healthy eating-For adolescent girls and young women (upd.)

This booklet is designed to help adolescent girls and young women learn more about the importance of physical activity and healthy eating in their daily lives. It also offers advice to help girls and young women identify areas for improvement and set and reach their health goals. The booklet provides ideas on how to start a conversation with health professionals and examples of questions to ask, a section for the health professional to fill out during a visit, a goal-setting chart for girls and young women to use with their health professional or on their own, information on why physical activity and nutrition are important for girls and young women, and tips to help them reach their goals. A wallet card is also available.
U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration
[Rockville, MD]: U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration, 2013
15 pp.
Adolescent health, Adolescents, Consumer education materials, Exercise, Female, Food habits, Goals, Health, Nutrition, Physical activity, Self-Care, Weight management, Women's health, and Young adults
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Bright futures for women's health and wellness
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