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Towards meeting the needs of adolescents: An assessment of federally funded adolescent health programs and initiatives within the Department of Health and Human Services

This report aims to provide a picture for program managers and policymakers and to help shape future efforts as they make the most effective use of resources in meeting the needs of adolescents, their families, and their communities. The report ascertains what progress has been made at the federal level to meet the needs of adolescents in the following content areas: health and well-being, fitness, family and peer relationships, school environment, smoking, alcohol use, and violence. The report answers four questions about federal efforts to improve adolescent health: (1) is there a national policy that addresses the promotion of adolescent health?, (2) is the Department of Health and Human Services making an effort to create healthier environments for adolescents through a multi-level approach?, (3) what is the status of evaluations of federally funded adolescent health programs?, and (4) what can we learn from existing evaluations of programs that seek to influence adolescent health outcomes? Statistical information is presented in figures and tables throughout the report and in an appendix. Five appendices include an expanded methodology, tables, program resources, a bibliography, and program references. [Funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau].
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Brindis C, Valderrama LT, Park J, Hair E, Cleveland K, Cochran S
San Francisco, CA: National Adolescent Health Information Center; Washington, DC: Child Trends, 2005
ca. 175 pp.
Adolescent health, Alcohol consumption behavior, Communities, Families, Family relations, Federal programs, Final reports, Physical fitness, Public policy, Relationships, Schools, Smoking, and Violence
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MCHB, Project
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