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Improving state services for culturally diverse populations: Focus on children with special health needs and their families

This report presents the findings of a Maternal and Child Health Bureau special work group. The purpose of the work group sessions was to assist directors of state programs for children with special health care needs in outlining state-specific plans for improving a component of care for culturally diverse populations within their programs. This publication presents the process work group members used to develop their initial state plans. Also included are recommendations to the Maternal and Child Health Bureau; definitions of cultural competence, family-centered care, community-based care, and coordinated care; descriptions of six state plans; and follow-up reports on each state's activities.
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Nelkin VS, Evans J, Ferguson W, Kehoe N, McMorris J, Sakara M, Stevens R
St. Paul, MN: Pathfinder Resources, 1990
31 pp.
Children with special health care needs, Cultural diversity, Culturally competent services, Families, Health services, Program development, and State programs
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