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Service Integration Project for Latino Families in San Francisco

This final report describes a project to coordinate health-related interventions and improve access to care for low-income Latino children and their families in San Francisco, CA. Report topics include an outline of the Latino population in the San Francisco, CA, area, barriers to health care access, language barriers, and a review of efforts of local agencies to create initiatives that addressed the immediate needs facing low-income Latino children. Report sections include the purpose of the project, goals and objectives, methodology, evaluation, results and outcomes (both positive and negative), a listing of publications and reports, dissemination and utilization of results, future plans and follow up, and a description of the type and amount of support needed to replicate the program. An abstract is also provided. [Funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau]
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Giovannini T
San Francisco, CA: Mission Area Health Associates, 2004
18 pp.
Access to health care, California, Children, Families, Final reports, Health insurance, Hispanic Americans, Low income groups, MCH research, and Service integration
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MCHB, Project
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