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Better health for children: Action for the eighties

This publication presents the proceedings of two conferences: "Better Health for Children: What are the Priorities" and "State Actions to Promote Child Health." The first conference was carried out by students at Harvard University School of Public Health to help reconcile the gulf between the 1981 Select Panel Report for the Promotion of Child Health and the funding cutbacks of the Federal government in the early 1980s. The conference provided an overview of important issues in the current delivery of child health services and discussed priorities for the promotion of comprehensive health services for children in an era of fiscal constraint. The second conference discussed the recommendations of the Select Panel Report in light of the increasing role of the state in maternal and child health activities.
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Buka SL, Peck MG, Gardner JD (Eds.)
Boston, MA: Harvard University School of Public Health, 1983
122 pp.
Child health, Federal government Conference proceedings, and Health policy
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