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Author: Association of Public Health Laboratories, .
Keywords: Blood tests, Genetic screening, Hearing tests, Neonatal screening, Newborn infants, and Screening tests
Author: Colman S, Dee TS, Joyce TJ, .
Keywords: Abortion, Access to health care, Adolescent behavior, Adolescent sexuality, Consent, Health services, Legislation, Parents, Prevention, Risk taking, Sexually transmitted diseases, and Statistical data
Author: Chatterji P, Markowitz S, .
Keywords: Analysis, Bicycle helmets, Bicycle safety, Data, Injury surveillance systems, and State legislation
Author: Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, .
Keywords: Child health, Infant health, Initiatives, Louisiana, Pregnant women, Premature infants, Prematurity, Prenatal care, Preterm birth, Prevention, State programs, and Texas
Author: National Priorities Partnership, .
Keywords: Breastfeeding, Cesarean section, Childbirth, Health systems, Infant health, Pregnant women, Prenatal care, Reproductive health, Vaginal birth after Cesarean, and Women's health
Author: Kottelenberg MJ, Lehrer SF, .
Keywords: Child care, Child development, Child health, Costs, Families, International health, Legislation, Program evaluation, Public policy, Research, and Young children
Author: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, .
Keywords: AIDS, Chronic illnesses and disabilities, HIV, Infectious diseases, Influenza, International health, Mexico, Prevention, Public health, Tuberculosis, and Vaccines
Author: Pregnets (Prevention of Gestational and Neonatal Exposure to Tobacco Smoke), .
Keywords: Infant health, Passive smoking, Postpartum women, Pregnant women, Smoking cessation, and Tobacco use
Author: D'Angelo AV, Rich L, Kwiatt J, .
Keywords: Community based services, Economic factors, Educational factors, Evaluation, High risk children, Initiatives, Low income groups, Models, Partnerships, and School-linked programs
Author: Minnesota Department of Health, Oral Health Program, .
Keywords: Access to health care, Barriers, Health care financing, Minnesota, Needs assessment, Oral health, Population surveillance, State initiatives, and Strategic plans