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1. Promoting healthy weight colloquium

Proceedings/Minutes, English
Author: University of Tennessee, Department of Nutrition, .
Keywords: Adolescents, Adults, Bright Futures, Children, Conference proceedings, Developmental stages, Health promotion, Infants, Life course, Nutrition, Parenting, and Physical activity
Author: Castaneda M, Dibos P, Schwartz S, ed, .
Keywords: Communication, Health care delivery, Oral health, Patient care management, Pediatric dentistry, and Spanish language materials
Author: Harrison E, Partelow J, Grason H, .
Keywords: Fetal development, Pregnant women, Reproduction, and Toxicology
Author: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Changes in Health Care Financing and Organization (HCFO) Program; Academy for Health Services Research and Health Policy, .
Keywords: Federal programs and Health insurance
Author: Ireys HT, Shulman S, Peterson S, .
Keywords: Children with special health care needs and Health insurance
Author: McHugh M, Slavin P (rapporteurs) and Board of Health Care Services, Future of Emergency Care Workshop Planning Group, .
Keywords: Emergencies, Emergency medical services, Emergency medical services for children, Health services delivery, and Trauma care
Author: Sosna T, Mastergeorge A, .
Keywords: Child mental health, Developmental screening, Early childhood education, Emotional development, Psychosocial development, Screening tests, and Young children
Author: Institute of Medicine, Immunization Safety Review Committee, .
Keywords: Autism, Immunization, Measles, Mumps, Research, Rubella, and Vaccination effects
Author: Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) National Resource Center, .
Keywords: Data collection, Emergency medical services for children, Grants, Manuals, and Programs
Author: Zero to Three, .
Keywords: Children, Consumer education materials, Families, Infants, Mental health, Military, Resources for professionals, Stress, and Young children