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Author: Assef, N.;, .
Keywords: Unknown
Author: Giovannini T, 2004.
Keywords: Access to health care, California, Children, Families, Final reports, Health insurance, Hispanic Americans, Low income groups, MCH research, and Service integration
Author: Brindis C, Valderrama LT, Park J, Hair E, Cleveland K, Cochran S, 2005.
Keywords: Adolescent health, Alcohol consumption behavior, Communities, Families, Family relations, Federal programs, Final reports, Physical fitness, Public policy, Relationships, Schools, Smoking, and Violence
Author: Garcia VF, 2001.
Keywords: Car seats, Child safety, Curricula, Educational materials, Final reports, MCH research, Motor vehicle safety, Occupant restraints, Parent education, Preschool children, Safety programs, Seat belts, and Young children
Author: Fogerty S, Finkelstein N, 2006.
Keywords: Alcohol use during pregnancy, Assessment, Final reports, Intervention, Massachusetts, Pregnant women, Screening, and Substance abuse
Author: Bach J, 2003.
Keywords: Comprehensive health care, Final reports, Genetics, Michigan, Program planning, and State programs
Author: Baer MT, 2000.
Keywords: Access to health care, California, Children with special health care needs, Family centered services, Final reports, Health services delivery, and Service coordination
Author: Diekema DS, 2007.
Keywords: Advocacy, Bioethics, Child health, Final reports, Health care, MCH research, Pediatrics, and Programs
Author: Bauchner H, 2008.
Keywords: Final reports, Maternal health, MCH research, Neonatal health, Racial factors, Seasonal factors, and Vitamin D
Author: Kinney ML, 2011.
Keywords: Adolescents, Federal MCH programs, Final reports, Health insurance, Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children, Idaho, Low income groups, State programs, and Uninsured persons