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Author: Karp C, Lai Y, Minkovitz C, Grason H, Garcia S, Payne E, Strobino D, 2017.
Keywords: cesarean section, women's health, pregnancy, report, and evidence review
Author: Payne E, Garcia S, Minkovitz C, Grason H, Strobino D, 2017.
Keywords: risk-appropriate perinatal care, infant health, premature infant, neonatal care, evidence review, low birth weight, perinatal regionalization, and report
Author: Lai Y, Garcia S, Grason H, Strobino D, Minkovitz C., 2017.
Keywords: infant health, infant sleep, safe sleep, report, sudden infant death, and evidence review
Author: Lai Y, Garcia S, Grason H, Strobino D, Minkovitz C., 2017.
Keywords: children's health, report, bullying, evidence review, and adolescent health
Author: Higman SM, Lai Y, Lauzon S, Garcia S, Minkovitz C., 2017.
Keywords: oral health, report, dental health, evidence review, women's health, oral hygiene, pregnancy, and prenatal care
Author: Lai Y, Garcia S, Strobino D, Minkovitz C, 2017.
Keywords: oral health, children's health, dental care, adolescent health, oral hygiene, evidence review, and report
Author: Garcia S, Martino K, Lai Y, Minkovitz C, Strobino D, 2017.
Keywords: women's health, health promotion, evidence review, preventive care, primary care, and report