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Author: U.S. Children's Bureau, 1966.
Keywords: Adoption, Child abuse, Child welfare, Children's Bureau, Foster care, Grants, Mental retardation, and Programs
Author: Herzog E, Richards C, 1969.
Keywords: Adolescents, Children, Statistics, and Youth
Author: U.S. Interdepartmental Committee on Children and Youth , 1968.
Keywords: Children, Federal programs, and Youth
Author: American Public Health Association, Program Area Committee on Child Health, and U.S. Children's Bureau, 1967.
Keywords: Communication disorders, Hearing disorders, Language disorders, Public health services, and Speech disorders
Author: Witmer HL (Ed.), 1967.
Keywords: Child care, Conferences, Institutionalization, Preschool children, and Residential care
Author: Howard M, 1968.
Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy, Comprehensive programs, Federal MCH programs, and Schools
Author: University of Alabama Medical Center, 1967.
Keywords: Biochemical genetics, Cleft lip, Cleft palate, Conferences, Cytogenetics, Dental caries, Disease, Epidemiology, Ethnic factors, Genetics, Iceland, Mental retardation, and Metabolic diseases
Author: U.S. Children's Bureau, 1961.
Keywords: Children, Children's Bureau, Health services, and Mental retardation
Author: U.S. Children's Bureau, 1967.
Keywords: Conferences, Congenital abnormalities, Diet therapy, Hyperphenylalaninemia, Laboratory techniques, Maryland, Metabolic diseases, Phenylketonuria, and Screening tests
Author: U.S. Children's Bureau, 1965.
Keywords: Assessment, Central nervous system diseases, Cerebral palsy, Children, Evaluation, Genetic disorders, Mental retardation, Metabolic diseases, Motor skills, Movement disorders, Neuromuscular diseases, Perinatal influences, and Sensory impairments